Welcome to the Peek-a-Boo Home Page.

We at Peek-a-Boo work in harmony while keeping our individuality. We have many talented stylists who also do shows all over Asia.Our motto is; "Be as good as you can be". This applies to our work ethics as well as the work we create for each individual client.We are running to the future to create hair styles to stay ahead in our modern times. Here is a short history of our beginning until now. Opened first salon on Nov.3rd 1977 in Omote Sando, Harajuku.

We now have 4 salons in the Harajuku/Aoyama area, 2 salons in Ginza, one in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and our newest salon in Ebisu. Our aim is to make your salon experience one that you will remember, leaving you satisfied and wanting to come back. Our salons offer hair cut by experienced stylists, shampoo & blow-dry, colouring and perming, a head spa for relaxation, manicure and pedicure.

All salons are located within walking distance of subway stations. Prices will vary and can be discussed on consultation.

For those of you who would like to take part in our ultimate teaching curriculum, we have the Basic course, the Salon Style course, Creative course, and seasonal promotion styles.


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